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kancelaria podatkowa

Kancelaria Podatkowa Andrzej Nowak Sp. z o.o. (previously as an individual activity) has been making every effort to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the choice of our Accounting office since 2002. Currently, we provide services to several hundred business entities with a diverse business profile. These are both small sole proprietorships and large companies employing many employees. However, regardless of the size of the company, we always make every effort not only to settle taxes correctly and on time, but also to advise and propose solutions that are beneficial for the client.

The best confirmation of the quality of our services is the fact that the vast majority of our clients came to us on recommendation. We constantly improve our qualifications by participating many times a year in various courses and trainings and having access to professional publications, thanks to which we have the opportunity to provide our clients with the latest news in the field of taxes, accounting and social security. Our clients regularly receive notifications from us about changing legal regulations that affect the functioning of their enterprise, as well as about the possibility of obtaining subsidies or other forms of public aid.

Kancelaria Podatkowa Andrzej Nowak Sp. z o.o.

Accounting office in Warsaw, Poznan and Garwolin

Our team currently consists of about 60 people. They are mainly specialists with many years of experience in both accounting and HR and payroll services for companies as well as in the field of obtaining subsidies and financial consulting. The owner of the company has the qualifications of a Tax Advisor confirmed by a certificate of entry into the list of tax advisers No. 10874, as well as a qualification certificate authorizing him to provide bookkeeping services No. 26849/01. As a tax advisor, he has also participated many times in projects related to company transformations, real estate projects and the selection of the optimal business structure. He can explain the complexities of tax law in an understandable way.

kancelaria podatkowa

We use modern accounting software in our work. We also have proven software for data exchange between our office and our clients’ sales and warehouse systems, thanks to which we are able to configure data exchange with almost all such programs available on the market. Data exchange allows you to avoid re-entering data manually, and the time saved can be spent on consulting and talking with the client. We possess a third party liability insurance policy for tax advisory services with an insurance sum of PLN 1,000,000. We hope that, like us, you understand that when it comes to financial settlements for taxes and social security, the highest diligence and reliability is a must.
That is why we invite you to visit our office to discuss your needs with delicious coffee.