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Establishment and registration of limited liability companies
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Take business in your own hands and trust our specialists in legal matters!

Establishment of companies

Are you dreaming of starting your own business, but you are not sure what your obligations as a future entrepreneur are?

We are happy to answer all your questions and help you interpret complex legal provisions. We provide knowledge and experience in every matter. We provide comprehensive services to company bodies, prepare document templates, including resolutions, partnerships and cooperation agreements. We help in choosing the optimal legal structures of enterprises, companies and capital groups. We focus on providing specific and practical solutions that will allow you to achieve your business goals.

Registration of a new limited liability company even in 1 day!

We start the registration of a new company by submitting the necessary documents via the electronic system. This form of starting a business can be up to five times cheaper than the traditional way of registering a company through a notary. We have a chance to complete the entire process even within one business day. When we take care of the fulfillment of legal obligations and deliver documents to the office, you can get ready for the first meetings with clients!

Take business in your own hands and trust our specialists in legal matters!

5 things necessary to register a new limited liability company

Establishment of a limited liability company is carried out using the electronic template of the articles of association. To register your company, we will need the following information and documents:
• company name,
• shareholder data (names, surnames, addresses),
• PKD, i.e. specification of the company’s business,
• address of the company,
• the amount of share capital.

To register new business entities, including limited liability companies, it is necessary to meet certain formal obligations and fill in a number of necessary documents. We follow changes in regulations on an ongoing basis and adapt our actions to them. We approach each client individually and conduct registration, taking into account the specificities of a particular subject and customer requirements. We will prepare the articles of association and forms for the National Court Register. We operate comprehensively – our specialists will complete all the necessary formalities for you and prepare documentation in accordance with the law, based on the documents and information provided by you. And if you are satisfied with our cooperation, stay with us for longer! We are happy to provide comprehensive legal services for your company.

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