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Preparation of grant applications
Our experts will help you prepare an application for a grant from the Labour Office to start a business.
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Preparation of grant applications for opening a business

Do you dream of setting up your own company? Our experts will help you prepare an application for a grant from the Labour Office to start a business. Show us your business idea and we will make it sure that the documents are correctly completed and that they meet all the necessary formal requirements. You can count on our support and experience at every stage of application preparation!

What is the process of preparing a grant application?

Step 1

Schedule an appointment/phone call with our grants expert

Step 2

We verify whether the website of the Labour Office competent for the place of your residence currently includes information on accepting applications for a business start-up grant.

Step 3

You pay a proforma invoice, prepared by an expert and send

  • confirmation of payment
  • a completed information form sent by the expert by email.

Step 4

After receiving the documents above, we start preparing your grant application. You can get up to PLN 32 000!

Step 5

At this point we start preparing the application and completing attachments that should be submitted to the LO together with the grant application (in consultation with the expert). We will need supporting documents:

  • your education (certificates, diplomas)
  • your experience and skills (work certificates, courses certificates)
  • an agreement confirming the ownership of the property where you intend to run your business (e.g. rent agreement, loan agreement, deed of ownership)

Step 6

After collecting all the necessary documents, you will receive in your mailbox an application prepared by our expert, which you must print and sign.

Step 7

You must submit the documents prepared this way, along with other previously prepared attachments, to the Labour Office appropriate to your place of residence.

Step 8

You receive notification from the office that a grant has been awarded.

Step 9

You sign a grant agreement at the Job Centre.

Step 10

The awarded funds are transferred to your bank account. Remember that you can only spend it for the purpose stated in your application, within the time limit adopted by the Labour Office.

Step 11

Settlement with the Labour Office or the funds spent.

What condition do I have to meet to receive a business start-up grant?

  • Unemployed status (previous registration as an unemployed person in the Labour Office)
  • Closure of previously conducted economic activity (if conducted) min. 12 months before submitting the grant application.
  • No refusal to accept a job or internship offered by the Labour Office

Preparing a grant application – how much does it cost?

We offer three pricing variants:

  • PLN 199 – with the assumption that after receiving a grant and starting business activity the bookkeeping will be carried out by our Office.
  • PLN 599when providing a one-off service of preparing an application, without concluding a cooperation on bookkeeping
  • However, if we work well together and you change your mind after receiving the grant and you decide to keep your accounts with our Office, you will receive a refund of 300 PLN from the amount previously paid! You will then pay a total of PLN 399 (PLN 299 for the application service and PLN 100 for the grant settlement)

(Prices are net and do not include VAT)

Start today and build your business on your own terms! We invite you to contact us and to cooperate with us.

We want to be proud of your achievements!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the proceeds to buy commercial goods?

Yes, if the profile of the planned activity concerns sales. Please refer to the Labour Office website for the exact amount/part of the grant that can be used to purchase trade goods.

Can buy a passenger car with the grant money?

Unless otherwise specified by the Authority in the grant rules, a passenger car may be purchased with grant funds.

Can I use the proceeds to advertise my business?

Funds received from the grant can be used for advertising. However, you cannot devote the entire amount to it. It is usually possible to allocate a maximum of 10-20 % of the grant amount, depending on the arrangements of the individual Labour Offices.

Do items purchased with grant funds have to be new or can they be used?

Most Job Centers allow you to purchase used items with grant funds. The grant application must specify exactly whether each item is new or used.

What are the forms of security for the grant?

There are several forms of securing grant funds:

    • surety of third parties under civil law
    • bank guarantee
    • pledge of rights or assets
    • blocking funds accumulated on a bank account
    • notarial deed of submission to enforcement by the debtor

Before choosing a form of security, make sure that all forms are available from your Job Centre.

Do I have to be a registered unemployed person to get a grant?

Yes, the status of an unemployed person registered with the Labour Office is a basic requirement for obtaining a grant.

How long do I have to conduct the business after receiving the grant?

Once you receive the grant, you must be in business for at least 12 months. The activity must be carried out continuously and cannot be suspended during this period.

Can I run my own business and be employed at the same time after receiving a grant?

No, you cannot be simultaneously employed under a contract of employment during the first 12 months of your business.

Do I need to be educated or experienced in the industry to receive a grant?

A lack of relevant education or experience in the industry does not preclude you from receiving grants, however having them is very important. They increase the chance and largely influence the decision of the Labour Office to award a grant.

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